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Back Yard Barbecue School

The Big Festive Smoke Barbecue Day

On arrival

 Tea/Coffee and pastries on arrival
Starter Booklet
My Recipes, methods, and cooking techniques.
On completion off the course you will get a branded gift bag & apron sample rubs and other gifts from sponsors like Links & 

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Love from the streets, clothing, rubs & sauces
Monolith ceramic grills
I.o.shen knives
Firefly rubs & sauce
ProQ BBQ smokers
Angus & oink rubs & sauce

Class will include

Monolith ceramic Grills & Smoker
Monolith Rotisserie
Gator offset
ProQ built BBQ & smoker
ProQ flip n great
BDS / Ugly Drums
Drum Hot & fast
Jerk Drum
Open fire pit / Cajun oven
Asado & grill cooking

Cooking Technics

Low ‘n’ Slow - Considered to be the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Barbecue
Smoking – filling the food full of different smells from the wood
Hot ‘n’ fast – Because you always have lots of time, it is also my preferred method of competition cooking.
Competition BBQ – This won’t be a large part of the day, but we will touch on the flavour profiles expected at KCBS competitions.
Grilling and Live Fire cooking – Perfect for the traditional family BBQ

Grilling  Live Fire and Smoke

Nothing beats Cooking over wood, embers & charcoal barbecue. On this course, you will get a chance to work your way round the world of flavor and learn valuable skills, such as lighting a good clean fire , cooking methods, control of temperature effectively & most of all the secrets of how to produce food you will be proud of. We will, of course, be eating what we cook on the day, this will be family style with a beer or 2.
This extensive course will see you learning new cooking techniques & tips under the guidance of an experienced chef & live fire smoke.   You will learn all the essential skills for barbecue success, these can be used at home to show off to your friends and family, or even in your business to grow custom.
You will be; grilling, roasting, baking and of course smoking delicious dishes. The menu will differ to accommodate seasonal change, but all food will have the chefs loving twist.

The Big Festive Smoke Full Menu

Full Day Course Menu 

Stuffed Turkey Breast Cranberry, Clementine, Pork, Sage Stuffing
Cherry Coke Smoked Ham
Shoulder Of Mutton With Anchovies & Bay
Aged Dairy Cow 4 Rib Of Beef Rib With Bay Thyme, Sea Salt & Pink Pepper
Plank Salmon Maple & Cranberry Glaze

Duck Fat Potatoes
Pig N Blankets With Orange & Honey
Boulangère Potatoes
Dauphinoise Potatoes
Smoke Bacon, Chestnut, Sprouts
Root Vegetables
Charcoal Roasted Greens
Turkey Pan Juice Gravy
Beef Pan Just Gravy

Apple, Maple & Chestnut Crumble Pie Crunchy Bar Cream
Buffalo Turkey Wings & Chunky Blue Cheese Sauce
Turkey Legs Apple Smoked & Finish Over The Embers
Turkey Tacos & Chipotle Cranberry Salsa

Mulled Wine & Hot Honey Cider
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